Logic Fun Party!  Rest of Payment for Party!

Logic Fun Party! Rest of Payment for Party!

  • $100.00

This is the Rest of the Party Payment.

Thank you so Much! 

We can't wait to have Logic Fun and Games at your Party!!!

Logic Fun Party!  Spend 60 minutes playing fun logic games!  Active, hands on, mind challenging games.  A variety of games that include skill, planning, statistics, luck, and more!  All games are age appropriate.  Children rotate through the games so everyone gets a turn at every station.

Logic Fun Party includes the use of all games, a small take home for each child, AND the birthday person gets to pick a present from the store of up to $10!  Or you can use it as credit in the store for something that is more than $10, just pay the balance of it.

Great for ages 6-16!  Parties for up to 12 guests! Extra for guest up to 20 people. 

Parties are conducted by Mrs. Mary!  I am an after school science teacher who has been teaching science for the past few years in Chicago and the northwest burbs!  I love science and am super energetic about teaching anyone about science!  I am the owner of Purple Me Green who as you may know, we provide science toys and eco-friendly products in the Big Purple Truck!

Additional people extra.  Please add additional people of up to 8 more onto this order.  You don't need to do this today.  You can order anytime.  But please let me know NO LATER than 48 hours before so I may be ready for them.

The host provides a place for guests to play the games.  tables are good or carpeted ground.

Deposit of $100 to save the date. (Non refundable)

Total cost of party is $200

The balance of $100 and any additional add-ons are due before or on the day of the party before the party starts.  Cash and Credit cards accepted.  

Add-ons available:

  1. Party Favor Bags $4.00 per person (A cool reusable bag with 4 fun science and nature related toys to go home with!)
  2. Additional People $8 person up to an additional 8 people!

Mrs. Mary will arrive 20 to 30 minutes before to set up.  Please call 847-409-4057 to schedule the day.  Please call with any questions!