Bamboo tooth brush

  • $3.00

DENTAL HEALTH TEETH WHITENING BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH is the world’s best Organic Toothbrush for kids and Adults. Every component of our product is Biodegradable: organic, vegan, natural soft medium bristles and paper boxed for environment. Our Product is BPA-Free, and Verified Non-Toxic SENSITIVE GUMS FRIENDLY – Unique design bristles are completely soft on gums and helps clean your mouth efficiently 100% BAMBOO ORAL CARE EFFICIENCY

Features a professional design that reaches each corner of the mouth and sways with every stroke for oral efficiency. The ultra-soft Medium Bristles create dynamic movement which helps every stroke and design adapt your teeth shape as it swings back and forth resulting in breaking up more plaque.

1.NATURAL VEGAN HANDLE- The Bamboo Toothbrush is made with a high quality easy to grip straight Natural Vegan Handle for kids and adults. 

2. CLEAN GUMS WITH SIGNATURE SOFT NATURAL MEDIUM BRISTLES – Performs an important part of maintaining clean gums for healthy teeth.

3. COMPOSTABLE PAPERPACKAGING-for these toothbrushes are made completely from biodegradable reusable paper to save the planet from environmental waste.

4. TOOTHBRUSH LIFESPAN- Our Bamboo Toothbrush will last just if a regular plastic toothbrush.

5. TRUE SUSTAINABILITY-The Bamboo Toothbrush is the best available option for protecting the environment. Everything can be recycled for proper disposal.