ROCKET CLASS and things that fly Session #1! Grades 1-2 Monday! (8 classes)

ROCKET CLASS and things that fly Session #1! Grades 1-2 Monday! (8 classes)

  • $115.00

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!  BLAST OFF!

Come join Mrs. Stupen for Rocket Class!
August 27th, September 10th, 17th, 24th, October 1st, 15th, 22nd, and 29th
2:25 to 3:30

Each student will blast rockets off from their very own Estes Rocket Launcher!  The launch pad can be used over and over with many different kinds of rockets!

We will make airplanes, rubber band powered helicopters, water rockets, wind powered cars, balloon launchers, and more during 9 classes!
We will learn about Newton's 3 Laws of Physics. 
We will explore NASA, lift, drag, velocity, and acceleration!
Each child will receive their own:

Estes Rocket Launcher ($32.00 value included)

Balsa wood planes, rubber band powered helicopters, hydro rockets, and hand rockets held launchers ($35 Value Included)

Rocket class needs to be done when the weather is cooperating.  We will have another rocket session in the springtime.  It will be ALL different rockets and lessons!

Safety first!  All rockets with engines are direct from the manufacturer.  Hobby rockets are designed to be user friendly and safe.  All students will be required to wear safety goggles during launch times even if they are not launching their own rocket and other appropriate times. 
No outside rockets with engines are allowed.  All other outside rockets will need to be approved by Mary Stupen before use in class.
When the student is not launching their rocket, they will be required to sit with the other students at a safe distance!  Purple Me Green takes the greatest effort to keep students safe.  Please reinforce with your child that safety is the priority and to always follow safety guidelines.  Generally, children will follow the safety rules, but we all get excited when the rocket flies up!  We want to have safe fun!
Purple Me Green is fully insured.