Science Fun Station for Large Groups

  • $250.00

2018 Activities!

Science Station Fun for Larger Group and Events!

Purple Me Green will come to your large group event and conduct 5 hands on science stations for all to explore and play!  If you are going to have children's activities, why not make it science fun!

Stations include:

2 Pools O'Galaxy Rice!  Let all astronauts explore the galaxy through hands on play in 2 Pools of 50lbs each of  galaxy colored rice.  Here they will be able to explore and take home a star from their space exploration.  A take home included!

Logic Fun Games!  Challenge your mind and have some fun while you play our logic games.  We provide 2 logic games that ages 3 to 99 can play.  Games vary.  We are always adding new logic games.

Touch-N-feel Nature Station!  Touch some fur, explore some bones, and experience some local insects!  It's always interesting to be able to look at and feel native creatures of the Midwest.  No live animals.  Just sustainably harvested animal parts.  

Paper Pot Makers Station!  Learn how to make a paper pot that can be planted directly in the ground.  Each person will make a paper pot, fill it with soil,  add some seeds, and take it home with them.   Instructions are included along with all materials.  


Maze Makers!  Construct a take home maze using a plate, strips of paper, and a marble!  Each engineer decides how the path of their marble.  How challenging can you make it?

Built It Mania!  Come use your imagination and engineering skills to build whatever you would like!  We provide unusual building materials and encouragement to help start ypur engineering fun.  This month's building experience are clothes pins and popsicle sticks.  Each month we have something new!

Call for avaviable dates!

Alternative pricing available if truck can be open for business!  Please inquire for details depending on event.

Mary 847-409-4057